Sheila Nugent – Cookstown

Sheila Nugent – Cookstown

Name: Sheila Nugent

Reflexology Qualification: Churchill School of Reflexology, London. 1982.

IRI Membership Number: 0038

Advanced Reflexology Specialities: Advanced Reflexology, Maternity & Fertility, Cancer Care, Chalation, Meridians & Reflexology, Facial & Head Reflexology, Hand Reflexology, Advanced Reading the Feet, Baby & Toddler Reflexology, Cranio-Sacral Reflexology, Metamorphic Technique


Sheila runs a full time Reflexology practice in Cookstown with clients who have been coming to her for Reflexology every month for 25 years. Sheila has many qualifications that enhance her Reflexology practice: Yoga Teacher (taught GCSE and A ‘Level students to reduce exam/study stress); trained as a counsellor with Elizabeth Kubler-Ross and with Relate as a marriage guidance counsellor; Bach Flower Remedies; Kinesiology; Shiatsu; Colour Therapy; Sound Therapy; Cranio-Sacral Therapy; Energy & Spiritual Healing; Iridology; Personal Development.

Sheila is one of the founding members of the IRI Ltd. and was Chairperson of the Irish Council of Reflexologists from 1991-95. Sheila, alongside others, worked tirelessly for years to bring the Irish Society of Reflexologists and The Irish Council of Reflexology (the two governing bodies in Ireland) together after years of meetings between the two organisations. They joined forces to form the current IRI. Sheila then taught her first Reflexology course in Sligo in 1990 and from then on has taught in the counties of Derry, Donegal, Sligo, Galway, Tyrone, Antrim, Down, Monaghan, Cavan, Longford, Roscommon and Dublin. Sheila currently teaches all her courses in Queen’s University, Belfast and Cookstown, Co. Tyrone. Sheila changed the name of the school in 2012 to Sheila Nugent School of Reflexology and her daughter Arúna now teaches with her. For years students have asked Sheila why she hasn’t written a book, with her extensive knowledge and wisdom. Her only reply is “I am a walking talking book and those who come to my courses will get many chapters from my book of wisdom”. Sheila runs a full time Reflexology practice in Cookstown with clients who have been coming to her for Reflexology every month for 25 years.


I have given Reflexology treatments for 37 years and teaching Reflexology for 35 years I love my job. I always have a holistic focus, of being practical with a tremendous amount of common sense!

When I delivered my report from Ireland, as Chairperson of the Irish Council of Reflexology to the first European Conference in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne in 2006, I concluded by saying that I saw Ireland as the Holistic Approach: Physical (South); Intellectual (East); Spiritual (West) and Emotional (North). I was congratulated by the delegates for bringing the Holistic Approach into my talk and to this day this is my main emphasis in practice.

Teaching Reflexology in Northern Ireland, during The Troubles, took a tremendous amount of work and dedication. Bringing people together, who were of from different communities, to teach them a holistic therapy with love and compassion, when some would have never sat in the same room together, was a success in itself. There was a lot more than the wonderful healing therapy of Reflexology being taught during those times. It was the healing of attitudes, mutual respect and acceptance and tolerance of others beliefs.

I have dedicated my time and energy to others all my life. This began working in my father’s business from the age of 7, until my first child was born when I was 28. I gave a lot of my time volunteering to different organisations. I was Chairperson for Save the Children, founder Director of Cookstown Enterprise Centre, I was a director and parent of Dungannon Integrated Primary School (one of the first co-educational schools in Northern Ireland). The volunteering also included Relate marriage guidance counselling and Chairperson of ICR.

For stress, Reflexology is best!”


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