Orna Connolly – Cork

Orna Connolly – Cork

Name: Orna Connolly

Business Name: Solas Síorai Therapy

Reflexology Qualification: 2002. ITEC, Elemis. Cork Collage of Commerce

IRI Membership Number: 4815

Advanced Reflexology Specialities: Cancer care Reflexology By Marguerite Brady in 2018.


Orna a passionate and experienced holistic therapist, works with elements of touch through reflexology & massage, energy through kundalini reiki, aromatherapy & natural healing. Shortly after qualifying she joined the team at Steiner, elemis on cruise liners and land 5*spas. Orna always fascinated by the healing touch, kept furthering her studies through many courses and self discovery through the years. One of which brought her to India, Thailand and apprenticed in ancient lomi lomi nui in Hawaii (2017), where she learned many different techniques and skills combining these into each of her treatments. Orna qualified in cancer care reflexology in 2018 with Marguerite Brady, and started volunteering at the cancer care center, where she received first hand experience and saw how clients responded to treatments. Orna is in her 3rd year degree to be a master herbalist and iridologist with the Irish school of herbal medicine.


I love nature & natural healing, connecting with the earth, sky and sea. We all have this balance inside us, sometimes we become unbalanced due to stress, anxiety, diet etc. Using reflex points on the feet or hands in reflexology allows our systems to be supported to bring back this homeostasis. I was introduced to natural healing through my injured pony, vet after vet with no proper diagnosis, My mother and I trekked through mountains and boreens in Ireland to find bone setters, animal reiki & horse massage to find cures, this opened my eyes & heart to natural healing.


Phone: 0872534311
Email: odh1616@gmail.com
Website: https://thenaturalclinic.ie/orna-connolly-holistic-therapy/