Michelle McDonagh

Michelle McDonagh

Name: Michelle McDonagh

Reflexology Qualification: 2019, Federation of Holistic Therapies, Josephine Gallagher

IRI Membership Number: 5111


Michelle McDonagh has been a beauty therapist for over 20 years in Radiance and Beauty Body Clinic and specialises in facials, massage, and all things beauty. Michelle was awarded her reflexology certificate in December 2019. Reflexology uses a pressure point systems on the feet which are linked to different parts and organs of the body. It is a thoroughly relaxing treatment which can invigorate the systems of the body.


Reflexology was the therapy that steadied me the most as I navigated the challenges I was facing. It was a natural conclusion that I would choose this to be one of my number one therapies to offer clients. Helping people to restore calm, relieve pain and discomfort is a choice I’m glad I made.


Phone: 0876125580
Email: michellegillmc@gmail.com