Maureen O Callaghan

Maureen O Callaghan

Name: Maureen O Callaghan

Reflexology Qualification: APNT & FHT & IRI. 1999. Anthony Larkin, Roisin Carroll

IRI Membership Number: 3639

Advanced Reflexology Specialities: Cancer Care & Maternity


Maureen O Callaghan has been a Reflexology Practitioner for over 20 years and is a qualified Reflexology Teacher.  She runs a very successful practice in Gorey, Co. Wexford, located at The Palms Health and Wellbeing Centre. She established the Tara School of Reflexology in 2013 where she teaches Classical and African Reflexology. Her school is accredited by the Federation of Holistic Therapies (FHT), the Irish Reflexology Institute (IRI), and the Association of Physical and Natural Therapists (APNT).

Maureen is a Holistic Therapist. She is a Reiki Master, Artist’s Way Tutor, Family Constellation Facilitator and a certified Practitioner in Meditation and Mindfulness. Her vision is to assist in promoting her clients’ holistic wellbeing.

She regularly attends conferences such as the International Conference of Reflexologists held in the UK in 2015. She also promotes reflexology research and delivered a paper on the subject at a national reflexology conference in Kerry in 2016.


One of my favourite mantras is ‘Your Health is your Wealth’. Over the years I have listened to what my body is telling me and have taken the appropriate action or inaction.  I have always wanted to support others, similarly, to move through their lives in a healthy, loving and balanced way. I have seen clients achieve their goals after acknowledging the compassionate and nurturing healer that is within all of us. I have witnessed the power within my clients, as they journey through their illness and access the strength and resilience within themselves, enabling them to emerge on the other side healthy and balanced.  I have specialised in maternity, cancer care, blood pressure problems, obesity, asthma and anxiety issues. In the Tara School of Reflexology.  I enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience with my students, always encouraging professionalism, integrity and compassion.  Now that reflexology is becoming more recognised, it is even more essential that practitioners maintain this level of professionalism going forward. I am determined to work towards integrating reflexology successfully with mainstream medicine and promoting an awareness of the importance and benefits of holistic health and well-being.


Phone: 00353863237232