Martina McShane – Wexford

Martina McShane – Wexford

Name: Martina McShane

Business Name: Seanog Wellness

Reflexology Qualification: The Tara School of Reflexology. 2016

IRI Membership Number: 5065

Advanced Reflexology Specialities: Facial Reflexology, Reflexology for the treatment of pain.


I trained with the Tara School of Reflexology in Gorey, qualifying in 2016. I have subsequently trained in pregnancy reflexology with the Marguerite Brady school. Facial Reflexology with Gua Sha with Catherine Clooney, and Reflexology for the treatment of pain from the Kruchik Institute. I am  also training in Reflexology Lymph Drainage and Nerve Reflexology. 

I’m also a qualified and practicing CBT & NLP therapist and I teach both Reiki and Rahanni. I work in the Palms Wellbeing Centre in Gorey and Castlebridge Physio in Castlebridge in Wexford.


I am absolutely passionate about health and wellbeing and reflexology is such an amazing therapy – working on the entire body system by working through the feet. I am so privileged to share the healing journey with my clients as a witness and my purpose is to create a safe and sacred space that allows for healing. I am particularly passionate about mental health and wellbeing and pain management and use my CBT skills along with my reflexology training and experience in each and every session to help support the holistic wellbeing of my clients.  I believe that our feet carry us, supporting us through every day of our lives; they are a part of our body that we rarely give much thought to in everyday life and yet they are a key to our wellbeing and reflexology is a gift where we can nurture and nourish ourselves and our clients through treating the feet.

I’d love to see how I can help you on your journey to wellness.


Phone: 00353838337815