Marianne Wims

Marianne Wims

Name: Marianne Wims

Business Name: Biomagnetic Pair Therapy

Reflexology Qualification: ITEC. 2017. Green Tara College.

IRI Membership Number: 4701

Advanced Reflexology Specialities: Fertility Reflexology, Maternity Reflexology


Marianne has been a full-time complementary health therapist for over two years, having attained a distinction in Anatomy and Physiology and Reflexology at Green Tara College in 2017 and undertaken subsequent postgraduate training in Fertility and Maternity Reflexology. Other areas of special interest include reflexology for neurological conditions, pain management, diabetes, migraine, sinus issues and hayfever. She also holds qualifications in Biomagnetic Pair Therapy, having studied under Dr. David Goiz and Mr. Moises Goiz in the USA, UK and Ireland, Traditional Usui Reiki; holding Reiki Master and Reiki Professional Practitioner certification and Indian Head Massage. Marianne continues to be a keen student of complementary therapies, constantly upskilling and attending further training events. She is a member of the Irish Reflexologists Institute and co-organizer of the local Clontarf Reflexology Network. She specializes generally in chronic invisible illness, neurological disease; Lyme disease, MND, MS, ME/CFS, hormonal issues, infertility.


We rarely fully value our health until we lose it and it is then that we realize that nothing else truly matters. Having being chronically ill; often to the point of being housebound, for 14 years, I was fortunate enough to regain my full health and vitality through complementary therapies. Having walked the walk as walk, as well as talking the talk, really resonates with my clients and I feel extremely fortunate enough to be able to use my experience of chronic illness to help and support others though the therapies which helped me.


Phone: 0876121876