Maria Noone – Galway

Maria Noone – Galway

Name: Maria Noone

Business Name: Harmony Reflexology & Wellness

Reflexology Qualification: 2021. ITEC Georgina Price College of Beauty Therapy, Galway

Advanced Reflexology Specialities: Menopause, Special Needs, Mental Health & Cancer Care


I qualified as a reflexologist early 2021. I joined East Galway Cancer Care as a Reflexologist in September 2021.  Reflexology has given relief and relaxation to cancer patients. I decided to open up my own practice in Mountbellew,  Galway. I specialise in menopause. I use essential oils during reflexology treatments which make a huge difference to overall results. To get the most benefit of reflexology between treatments, I blend a specific roller oil to help ease symptoms for each client.

I offer holistic reflexology treatments which will focus on the entire person, their lifestyle, diet, stress/work life balance.  Reflexology has some amazing benefits. It helps increase circulation, relieves insomnia, digestive problems, respiratory disorders, back problems, joint/muscle discomfort, boots immunity, improves nerve function, relieves plantar fasciitis, it is deeply relaxing, relieves pregnancy symptoms (after 3 months only), helps reduce anxiety and depression, relieves foot pain, relieves menopause symptoms.

I now have a clinic every Tuesday in Bees Knees Health Store in Ballygar, Galway


My journey towards becoming qualified as a reflexologist has been a personal one, following a number of scans and tests, it was discovered that I had a non cancerous tumour (abnormal cells that form lumps or growth) on my right ovary.  I had noticed that I had gained weight but other than that nothing unusual except for heartburn. Following a hysterectomy, I was catapulted straight into early menopause.

This journey has led me to the wonderful world of reflexology which has given me my balance, my core and zest for life again.  Reflexology helps the body kickstart the healing process in the body. It is this passion that drives Harmony Reflexology & Wellness to help people and ease their journey.

Recovery from the hysterectomy was a tough journey. Throw in night sweats, anxiety, hot flushes, rollercoaster of emotions – symptoms of menopause. This time was my reset button. With small changes, I put myself first and focused on my health. The phrase ‘You cannot give from an empty vessel’ is so true. This journey has made me want to help others through menopause and make their journey easier.


Phone: 0863543928