Joan O’Reilly

Joan O’Reilly

Name: Joan O’Reilly

Reflexology Qualification: Irish Reflexology Institute. 2001. Mid-West School of Reflexology

IRI Membership Number: 4687

Advanced Reflexology Specialities: Fertility. Cancer Care. Baby


Joan O’Reilly, Principal, Kerry School of Reflexology

  • Principal of the Kerry School of Reflexology in 2007
  • Graduate of the Irish College of Homoeopathic Medicine in 2007
  • National University of Ireland, Maynooth. Certificate in Training and Continuing Education.
  • The Dr Edward Bach Foundation of International Register of Practitioner 2003.
  • Dr Edward Bach Course Approved Trainer.
  • Practitioners Diploma in Reflexology 2001
  • Advanced Testing for: Food Intolerance. Allergy Sensitivities.  Nutritional Deficiency.  Hormonal Profile.  Mental or Emotional Stress. & Much More.

Joan is registered with: MIRI Irish Reflexology Institute. BCMA British Complementary Medical Association. APNT Association of Physical and Natural Therapies. ARCHTI Association of Registered Complementary Health Therapists of Ireland. ISHom Irish Society of Homoeopaths. BFRP Bach Flower Remedy Practitioner and Trainer.

Kerry school of Reflexology is an Accredited Course Provider, Accredited by the Federation of Holistic Therapies.  Graduates will have an Accredited Qualification. Joan is registered with FHT.


I began my training in Reflexology with one goal in mind, to help my family holistically. However after qualifying as a Reflexologist in 2001, I realised that this was only the beginning of my Reflexology journey.

I have both attended and organized many CPD courses with brilliant people. With Beryl Crane who introduced me to the Meridian lines, Rakhee Shah who is an expert in Fertility Reflexology, Claire O Grady and her fantastic insight into Cancer Care through Reflexology, and Baby Reflexology to name but a few. A career based on ongoing education through CPD, has enabled me to treat every age and plight, from newborn babies to the sick and dying; which has been a great privilege.

I have been teaching Reflexology in Kerry since 2007. Which had given me the opportunity to meet many amazing students, that have gone on to become excellent Reflexologists. Most have set up their own private businesses, some work with Refexology in Spa’s and Salons and others have worked in Palliative Care Units and Recovery Haven and so on.

I am also a qualified Bach Flower Remedy Practitioner and Trainer. The Bach Flower Remedies help balance our emotions. Through the Bach Flower Remedies I help support people with their health mindfulness and wellbeing in a gentle effective way. Many of my Bach Flowers Introductory Level 1 Course students have also gone on to become Bach Flower Practitioners.

I graduated as a Homoeopath with The Irish College of Homoeopathic Medicine [ISHom] in 2007. Which has seen me travel to India on two occasions for further training with the Indian Homoeopathic Doctors. Dr Shankaran in Mumbai, and Dr Borkar in Goa.

On all my travels; San Francisco, Canada, Asia, India and others, I make it my mission to seek out a Reflexology  treatment, as a treat and to compare techniques. This experience has led me to truly know that we have very highly skilled Reflexologists here in Ireland. I take the ultimate holistic approach in my teaching practise.


Phone: 00353879751986