Catherine O’Regan – Ovens, Cork

Catherine O’Regan – Ovens, Cork

Name: Catherine O’Regan

Reflexology Qualification: 2018. Tipperary School of Reflexology

IRI Membership Number: 4752

Advanced Reflexology Specialities: Maternity Reflexology, Cancer Care Reflexology. Anatomy and Physiology Level 5 and Foot Reading. Lymphatic drainage.


Catherine is moving full time into Complementary Health Therapy after spending most of her career in Quality Control in both Electronic and Medical Manufacturing. She has achieved distinctions in both Reflexology and Anatomy & Physiology Level 5 under the guidance of Susie Morrissey of Tipperary School of Reflexology. She has also studied Usui Reiki and has Reiki Master level. Catherine has also attained an advanced level in Integrated Energy Therapy and Practitioner’s level in Divine Essential Crystal healing and most recently Aroma Touch Technique with essential oils. Catherine is currently doing home study for Bereavement Counselling and is waiting for a confirmation date to complete Lymphatic Drainage with well renowned Sally Kay and she will incorporate this into her Reflexology.


Due to a turn of events in my personal life many years ago, I found myself in isolation in my home. I knew that this was not good for my physical and mental well being and during a passing conversation with a work colleague, I was introduced to a wonderful couple who started me back on my journey to me. I took too Complementary Therapies like a duck to water and I have not looked back. Through meditation, workshops, retreats and study, I have discovered a hunger for knowledge that I never had in my youth. I can access and achieve Homeostasis Balanced mind.


Phone: 0863640149