Anne McGennis

Anne McGennis

Name: Anne McGennis

Reflexology Qualification: Association of Reflexologist Examinations Board, 1999 The Practitioners School of Reflexology, London

IRI Membership Number: 2603

Advanced Reflexology Specialities: Stone therapy reflexology, cancer reflexology using African reflexology, hand reflexology


Anne qualified in London in 1999. She ran a busy practice working from home and for a sports club.
On returning to Ireland in 2006 she resumed her private practice.
Throughout the years Anne has continued her education in reflexology and other therapies, often combining the skills together in one treatment. Anne adjusts each treatment to each individual client and to how they respond.
Stress (something it is difficult to avoid) and how it can effect the body is one of her chief interests. She finds that giving her male and female clients much needed time and space can give them respite and support from this busy world.


A friend recommended reflexology when I was going through a very difficult time in my life. Exhausted and depressed I was reluctant to take medication without finding out the real cause. My doctor was very supportive and encouraging. On my first treatment, my reflexologist found a hormonal imbalance, my doctor ran blood tests and found I was in menopause at 39. With their support I learned to adjust to a different way of life and regain my zest for life. Even after twenty years in practice reflexology continues to amaze me.


Phone: 00353877640814