Zoom Session with Catherine Clooney Monday 8 Nov @ 7.30pm


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Face Reflexology Clooney Concept

Hello members of the IRIL, my name is Catherine Clooney, I’m a face reflexologist and the developer of Face Reflexology Clooney Concept.

I train professional reflexologists in FRCC using online courses.  I also help women to work on their own health and wellness using Face Reflexology, and facial Gua Sha via online courses and consultations.

I discovered reflexology when I was working in a fast paced, corporate environment in Central London. I was suffering from stress, working long hours, smoking and not taking care of myself. Reflexology saved me. That is when I decided to change direction, to follow a caring and nurturing path in life. I trained in classical reflexology in London, with the London School of Reflexology, and gained a qualification that was awarded by a recognised examining body which is also approved by The Association of Reflexologists.

I had lived and worked in the Middle East during the early 90’s. Where I had the opportunity to meet with local women, who amazed me with how they looked after each other. They would get together to paint each other with beautiful henna designs, they would massage gorgeous local oils onto their faces and hair. They showed me the benefits of this particular type of massage and told me about the wonderful health and beauty merits of the oils. I knew that this knowledge would stand me in good stead for the future, but I didn’t know exactly where it would lead me. It linked into my travels in South East Asia where I began to research reflexology on the face. Learning different techniques from local therapists and teachers, also local women who pass on traditional knowledge,

I believe that what we experience and learn along the way, shapes us, makes us who we are. I am inquisitive, love to learn and add to my skills but also develop my own work based on what I have learned and experienced during my lifetime, and from working with my clients.  I have seen what works for my clients, how they benefit from the treatments.

In this Zoom workshop, I will show you some of the ways that Face Reflexology Clooney Concept can help your clients with various health and wellness issues. We will go over the benefits of working on the face. How it can help our clients and help us too.

We will go over the history of working on the face, where it all began and how it has been developed over the years. How it can really lead our client to relax and quickly reach the healing space that the parasympathetic nervous system is responsible for, our bodies are amazing.

I will chat about the different maps that are used in FRCC and how we also add pressure points to add another dimension to the treatment. We will also go over how to give your clients a simple routine to help them slow down before sleep. And for you too, of course!’ Training from the heart ❣️

CPD Points: 15 per class