Zoom Class Doris Rabe 26 April 2021


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Nutrition & Reflexology

Doris Rabe is an experienced Registered Nutritional Therapist based in Sligo. She is specializing in Autoimmune Diseases, Gut Health and Cancer Care, and is one of the practitioners of TNI – Thyroid Nutrition Ireland. Nutritional Therapy takes a holistic approach and does not address just the symptoms but the whole person. One of the underlying root causes of ill health, and especially inflammation, is stress. Looking for tools to better help some clients to reduce stress related issues Doris came across Reflexology a few years ago, and became a passionate Reflexologist. Reflexology complements her clinic and enables her to address certain health issues from a different angle, and also to find out more about underlying issues.

In this presentation Doris is exploring some of the health issues Reflexology clients are presenting with e.g. digestive issues, stress, poor sleep, thyroid issues, skin conditions, and joint pain, and what advice can safely be given to them in terms of nutrition and lifestyle. The second part will look into supporting overall immunity – our best defense against ill health and …viruses! There’s never been a better time to upgrade our immunity, and Doris will explain how. Recipes included!

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