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A printed copy of Feet First Magazine

The 2019 AGM voted to trim costs by only printing Feet First magazine for people who ask for it.  The magazine is freely available on the website, where you can read it, download it, or print it.

If you want a printed copy of the magazine, please order it here.

Please help the IRI by paying for the magazine, if you can.

  • The magazine is always sold at cost.  The IRI does not make a profit.
  • Printing a colour glossy magazine is expensive – over €10 per copy.  Just postage alone is more than €1,000.
  • The IRI is still trying to restore its financial position, and simply cannot afford the €10,000 per year it costs to print and post the magazine to all members.
  • You can still have a printed copy for free, if you really want it.  However, it is financially impossible for us to print and send them to all members for nothing.  We therefore ask that you please pay for the magazine if you can.  This choice will be available to you when you order your copy.

Remember that paying for the magazine is a legitimate business expense which can be deducted from your taxes under the category “Dues & Subscriptions.” 

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